Is agile an urban legend and waterfall a taboo in project management?

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Stamping a project as agile does not guarantee a successful execution; flagging a project as a waterfall does not ensure a failed implementation either. For me, agile is about iterative but speedy design to delivery, and waterfall is about too many iterative steps from planning to execution. I see agile projects as more quantitative (XYZ projects, X backlog items, Z releases) while waterfall is more qualitative (detailed explanation of ideas and too many discussions about each project). The IT industry today treats waterfall as something old while agile is cool which then in forces leaders, managers, and individuals to learn and embrace agile methodologies and making words like “waterfall” as taboo. I think it is a mistake to drop waterfall for agile. Just as we cannot drop qualitative thinking for quantitative ones or vice versa, it is important that both waterfall and agile concepts mesh together in our project management approach. We should drop the words of “waterfall” or “agile” in labeling projects, but we must always think as “agile” and deliver a successful “waterfall” project.