Proud Dad

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I once gave up pushing my kids into computer science, but my teenager son Adam insisted to stick with digital art design. I was skeptical at first, maybe because I am too much wired to computers as a science rather than as an art. But when I heard from my colleagues about my son’s creative work, which, by the way, he did not show us any of it and ultimately awarded him his first paying job as part of the Youth Advisory Board at my employer made me realize how I got the idea of technology passion all mixed. I know that our kids see the world differently then us parents, and that is particularly true between me, as a techie science dad, and my techie artistic son. Watching my son, and my daughter soon, finding their career path at an early stage and hearing others commending their first work are the very proudest moments for me and my wife Mayssaloun Tay When Adam got an email confirming his selection to the advisory board, his first words to us, his parents, were “guess what company has 2 Hoteits working for them:)”