US adults and tech knowledge

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A recent Pew Research study found that majority of US adults answered digital related questions correctly only less than half of the time. Some security related questions such as two factor authentication were correctly answered by only 28% of the surveyed US adults. 49% of those surveyed were not sure what private browsing is, while only 24% knew that a private browser session only hides the browsing history for other users on the same computer. There were also a high level of uncertainty in answering some of the questions, and the level of incorrect answers varied by educational levels as well as age. I don’t blame the citizens about lack of knowledge for the digital world. At least the majority understood phishing scams and browser cookies. I think technology companies (and governments for public safety) should invest more money and resources to educate the world about technology, safety, and security because they own it. The digital world will only get even more complex over time, and we don’t want to become less knowledgeable than we ought to be.