Welcome Walden students to a great new academic year

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Welcome Walden University students and all students to a great new academic year. It is natural and even expected to feel the high adrenaline when starting the year. Whether picking up new pens and fresh new notebooks for your desk or begin learning with fresh new writings and readings in your digital study environment, every new academic new year is destined to advance your knowledge and take you forward in your goals. Here is my advice to you for a good new year start:

Organize up your digital folders before starting the new year but don’t go overboard. Make use of cloud storage, such as Microsoft One Drive, Dropbox, or Google Cloud, to keep everything stored and protected. Note that Microsoft One Drive is a great solution because it gives you a huge 2TB space and is provided for you by Walden University. Put up a Kanban board with your “To Do,” “Doing,” and “Done” columns – a physical or a virtual one is just the same as long as you keep it up to date. More about Kanban boards.

Make sure to have a reference manager tool that you will use to store and access all your research material. The popular ones are Mendeley, Zotero, and EndNote. There are a lot more, and you can review the comparison list at Wiki – Comparison of reference management software. I personally like Zotero because it easily fits in the way I do my research.

Write something each day. I know that you might say “but I need to do a lot of reading first before I write something.” It is true, and yes you should be reading a lot – not just what you are tasked to read but also everything relevant to your research that you can find online. Whether it is writing a sentence, paragraph, or a page each day, it helps reinforce the writing habits in you which would make it easier for you to write and publish your major academic papers. While you are at it, make Grammarly an integral part of your writing process – believe me it is a live savior during the dissertation writing process. Walden offers you a premium account of Grammarly for free

From a person who enjoyed every moment in his Ph.D. journey at Walden University and is an ambassador of better learning for everyone, I wish you the best of success this year and all upcoming years as well. Feel free to connect with me via Walden Ambassadors Network or on LinkedIn