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Atari, the maker of the original 2600 Video Computer System, is on the roll. They have a Atari Hotels in the making, Atari Token, a blockchain token system b...

Raspberry Pi 400

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In the eighties, we used to having homes computers, such as the Commodore or the BBC Micro, with a keyboard integrated to it. All we had to do is to plug it ...

US Elections

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The US elections, both 2016 and 2020, have demonstrated significant misrepresentations of actual outcomes. The poll predictions were way off. Also, the manag...

Computer Projections

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Hopefully computer projections will work out nicely tomorrow and not terribly 😁 (cartoon taken from David Ahl 1977 The Colossal Computer Cartoon Book)

Game Off 2020

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GitHub is sponsoring a build-your-own game jam for the month of November. The Game Off theme for 2020 is Moonshot. It should be a fun experience if you have ...