He said “if you want a playground, go find another job”

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Roughly six years ago while working at my previous employer, I asked one of the technology leaders, who might have had a bad day, why we don’t have a tech playground so that technologists like us can innovate. His answer was “if you want a playground, go find another job”. That statement both hit me hard and confused me for quiet some time but I stayed on with the company for several years, pushed hard for my ideas and and received support from other leaders that helped me showcase what innovation can do. I will not name those leaders but I know that they know who they are because they are good. I later thanked that very first person about what he said because he made me realize that there is no place better than where innovation is important but innovative playing is not enough. Planning, evaluating, timing, organizing, and teaming up are crucial for successful innovation. A year and half later at my current employer Thomson Reuters I witnessed a whole different type of leadership that sponsors and nurtures innovation as well as transformative thinking across all levels. Working at Thomson Reuters is exciting and going back to the office on a Monday with fresh new ideas is even more exciting.