Steve Jobs in 1986 PBS Entrepreneurs Documentary

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I am a big fan of Steve Jobs but it is important to watch how a mix of ingenuity and arrogance when Steve was young can lead to failed implementations. After he was kicked off Apple in the 80s, Steve picked up a number of talents to create Next computer which he wanted to be the next big thing ever created. He really didn’t listen to his team, grew impatient, and was stubborn with certain decisions that proved costly later. Which is more important? Quality, cost, or time? The Next computer proved to be a failed computer, but, nevertheless, Steve Jobs went to create beautiful products later on. Watch the PBS Entrepreneurs documentary about Steve Jobs with a critical eye. It was filmed before the Next pc was released to the public. Carefully watch the behavior of Steve and think of how you could have done things differently or the same. It is a learning opportunity for all of us