Reverse XML

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In 2001, long before cloud storage, open-source, JSON or Markdown formats, and metadata of datasets were a thing, I had this idea of a content-representation language that companies can use for business to business content sharing. The idea was that each company would publish the regular expression patterns used to convert their content back and forth using XML as the intermediary. The product would also leverage the open standard XSL for content conversions. I named it “Reverse XML.” I was at the early stage of my career, and, at the time, I lacked the tools to effectively convince my employer at the time besides sharing a document and emailing. Plus, the vibe of online collaboration and B2B only came a decade later. Hence, the market would not have been there. Yet, I felt passionate about the concept. I still think we need always to embrace open standards for content in and for content out between businesses and across our systems.

You can download the letter that I wrote in 2001 here.